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Last update March 05, 2021
Wow... 13 years since I've touched a miniature.
Hopefully one day I'll get back into the craft that I love so much.

Current Project

Nothing at the moment.

Completed Projects

Katoinette Boutique
Completed June 2008

Completed March 2008
Cookie's Christmas
Completed October 2007
Bathroom Scene II
Completed July 2007

Spinner's End
from Harry Potter
and the Half-Blood Prince

Completed May 2007
Charming Irish Cottage
Completed August 2006
Marion's Cabin
Completed May 2006

Four Days Before Christmas
Completed September 2005

Bathroom Scene
Completed October 2004
Professor Snape's - Alan
Rickman's Dressing Room
Completed September 2004
Professor Snape's Office
Completed August 2004

Centracchio's Ristorante
Completed May 2003
Grandma's Kitchen
Completed May 2001
Centracchio House
Completed 2000

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